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Kabira Mobility KM3000 & KM4000 Review Price Specification

Kabira Mobility is a new electric bikes manufacturer in India.The company has launched two electric bikes named as KM3000 and KM4000. This blog will review and compare both electric bikes on the parameters such as price, performance, battery life, range , max speed and quick charge capability. Important Note -The key features of these two e bikes are the top speed and long range. Keep reading till end to know more. About Kabira Mobility - Kabira Mobility is relatively new company in electric two wheeler segment. the automotive company started operation in 2017 . It is based on Goa. As per company's website, it has two manufacturing units with production capacity of around 10000 vehicles a year.  Kabira KM3000 review- Kabira Mobility's first offering is model KM3000. It is a electric bike that is focused on generation X. The design is ultra modern. At first glance, it gives you a race bike like impression. The width of the tires and ground clearance is perfect for young city dwe

Long Range Electric Bikes & Scooters in India January 2024

Hey there, fellow electric vehicle enthusiasts! If you're as passionate about eco-friendly transportation solutions as I am, you've probably noticed the surge in electric two-wheeler options hitting the Indian market. With over 30 reputable manufacturers offering a diverse range of more than 50 electric bikes and scooters, it's an exciting time to embrace sustainable mobility. Now, let's address a common query buzzing among electric bike aficionados: Which electric two-wheeler boasts the most impressive battery life post full recharge? In simpler terms, which ride guarantees the longest range after juicing up your battery to the brim? I've compiled a comprehensive list right here on my blog, spotlighting the electric scooters and bikes renowned for their exceptional mileage. But before you zoom off into the realm of long-range riding, it's crucial to grasp the nuanced factors influencing your electric steed's endurance: 1. **Driving Style:** Your throttle m