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Fastest Electric Bikes in India January 2024

The electric bike market in India is experiencing rapid growth, with new models being launched almost every month. Additionally, electric bikes offer a significantly lower cost per kilometer in terms of running expenses. However, a common question arises: "Are electric bikes faster as well?" This blog aims to provide insights into this query. It's important to note that the speed of electric bikes is influenced by several factors. Among these factors are: 1. Motor Power: The speed of an electric bike is often determined by the power of its motor. Higher kilowatt motors generally result in greater speed capabilities. 2. Battery Power: The battery's kilowatt capacity plays a crucial role in boosting the motor's performance, thereby affecting the bike's speed. 3. Weight of the Bike: Generally, lighter bikes tend to be faster, especially when coupled with a high-power motor. 4. Air Pressure: Adequate air pressure in the tires contributes to smoother and faster rid

Fastest Electric Scooter in India Feb 2024

Electric scooters are slowly replacing age-old petrol run scooters & bikes in India. It is a known fact the electric scooters have far less cost of running in comparison to petrol scooters. However, the buyers of electric scooters have been trying to find the fastest electric scooter as well.  It is not a surprise. After all, a faster scooter is a lot more fun to ride. The following table has latest list of fastest electric scooters in India to the table.  Name Top Speed (km/h) Range (km) Battery Capacity (kWh) Battery Type Price (Rs) Website Link TVS IQUBE Electric 78 75 2.25 Lithium-ion 115,000 TVS IQUBE Bajaj Chetak Premium 70 95 3 Lithium-ion 115,000 Bajaj Chetak Simple One 105 236 4.8 Lithium-ion 110,000 Simple Energy Ola Electric S1 Pro 115 181 3.97 Lithium-ion 121,999 Ola Electric Ola Electric S1 90 121 2.98 Lithium-ion 99,999 Ola Electric Ather 450X 90 150 2.9 Lithium-ion 125,000 Ather Energy Hero Electric Optima 55 135 1.5 Lithium-ion 106,000 Hero Electric Okinawa Cruiser