Kabira Mobility KM3000 & KM4000 Review Price Specification

Kabira Mobility is a new electric bikes manufacturer in India.The company has launched two electric bikes named as KM3000 and KM4000. This blog will review and compare both electric bikes on the parameters such as price, performance, battery life, range , max speed and quick charge capability.

Important Note -The key features of these two e bikes are the top speed and long range. Keep reading till end to know more.

About Kabira Mobility -

Kabira Mobility is relatively new company in electric two wheeler segment. the automotive company started operation in 2017 . It is based on Goa. As per company's website, it has two manufacturing units with production capacity of around 10000 vehicles a year. 

Kabira KM3000 review-

Kabira Mobility's first offering is model KM3000. It is a electric bike that is focused on generation X. The design is ultra modern. At first glance, it gives you a race bike like impression. The width of the tires and ground clearance is perfect for young city dwellers.

On Road Price- 

The on road price of KM3000 is Rs 1,26,990 ex showroom Goa. The price is not inclusive of any subsidy and taxes.

Hence the price is almost at par with petrol run bikes of same design. Though, it has low cost of running advantage in comparison with petrol bikes.

Top Speed - 

KM3000 is one of the fastest electric bikes in India. It can reach top speed of 100 KM/Hr. That is a milestone for electric bikes so far.

Range/Mileage - 

Another best part of the  KM3000 is the range . It can travel up to 120 Km after full battery recharge considering all other factors related to driving usage.

Rating - 

Our rating for KM3000 is 4.5. It is exceeding our expectations due to long mileage and superior speed.

Peak power - 

The max power generated by this bike is 6000 watts. This makes it one of the most powerful electric bike as well in India.

Kerb weight - 

The bike is on heavier side due to powerful battery and motor. It has a kerb Weight of 138 kgs. 

Charging -

The battery can be fully charged in 6.5 hrs in eco mode. We think that is a scope of improvement in this superb e bike otherwise.

Quick charge -

The best part is quick charge feature of KM3000 . Its 80% capacity of battery can be recharged in 50 minutes in boost mode.

Kabira Mobility in news -

Recently , Goa police has introduced the KM3000 and KM4000 in their patrolling fleet. That gives this brand a greater boost and recall value. 

Kabira KM4000 review

KM4000 is big brother of the KM3000. While the design had hardly any differences, some of the technical aspect such as speed, weight , price , range etc. are different.

On Road Price- 

KM4000 is just 10,000 rs costlier than it yonger sibling KM3000. KM4000 has been priced at Rs 1,36,990 ex showroom Goa

Top Speed -

 It is fastest electric bike in India as it claims to give 120 KM/Hr of max speed.

Range/Mileage - 

The extra cost is hardly any mater of concern as KM4000 goes extra mile . It has longer range of 150 KM per charge.

Rating -

It is rated exceed expectations and has been given 4.6 rating. The rating is slightly better than  KM3000 because of the more speed and longer range offered by KM4000.

Peak power -

It is more powerful electric bike as the peak power rendered stands at 8000 watts

Kerb Weight -

KM4000 is just 9 kg heavier as it has kerb weight of 147 kgs.

Charging -

It takes around 6.5 hrs to get fully charged in eco mode.

Quick charge - 

This is best part of any electric bike offered by Kabira Mobility. It's battery can be 80% charged in just 50 minutes in boost mode.


Each electric bike of Kabira Mobility can be directly compared with likes of Yamaha FZ series of petrol  run bikes due to similarities in design and target market.

However Kabira's electric bikes are far better choice because of this main reasons-

The running cost of these electric bikes are fall less then Rs 1 per km. While the general two wheeler will cost more then Rs 2 per km considering current petrol price of around 100 Rs per liter.