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Fastest Electric Bikes in India January 2024

The electric bike market in India is experiencing rapid growth, with new models being launched almost every month. Additionally, electric bikes offer a significantly lower cost per kilometer in terms of running expenses. However, a common question arises: "Are electric bikes faster as well?" This blog aims to provide insights into this query.

It's important to note that the speed of electric bikes is influenced by several factors. Among these factors are:

1. Motor Power: The speed of an electric bike is often determined by the power of its motor. Higher kilowatt motors generally result in greater speed capabilities.

2. Battery Power: The battery's kilowatt capacity plays a crucial role in boosting the motor's performance, thereby affecting the bike's speed.

3. Weight of the Bike: Generally, lighter bikes tend to be faster, especially when coupled with a high-power motor.

4. Air Pressure: Adequate air pressure in the tires contributes to smoother and faster rides.

5. Load on the Bike: Similar to bike weight, the amount of load placed on the bike affects its speed. Higher loads may lead to reduced speeds or longer acceleration times.

In addition to these factors, external elements such as wind speed, road conditions, driving technique, and terrain can also impact a bike's performance. Therefore, while electric bikes offer promising speed capabilities, various variables must be considered to assess their overall performance accurately.

Fastest Electric Bikes in India

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in India due to their low maintenance, zero-emission, and high efficiency. With the petrol prices reaching sky-high in India, many are looking to go all-electric. While the four-wheeler electric segment is yet to take off, the two-wheeler market has a wide array of options for buyers. An electric bike gives you the liberty to use the vehicle without hunting for a gas station. And that is a big money saver these days.

Here are the top 10 fastest electric bikes in India with their specifications, as of September 2023:

Electric Bike ModelStarting PriceBattery CapacityRangeCharging TimeTop Speed
Revolt RV400Rs 1,29,4003.2 kWh80-150 km4.5 hours80 kmph
Joy e-Bike MonsterRs 1,02,24930 Ah75 km4.5 hours25 kmph
Tork Kratos RRs 1,92,4994 kWh180 km4-5 hours105 kmph
Komaki Ranger 2023Rs 1,85,0004.5 kWh220 km5-6 hours80 kmph
Cyborg BobRs 1,14,9992.88 kWh110 km4-5 hours85 kmph
Odysse EvoqisRs 1,66,2504.32 kWh140 km6 hours80 kmph
Oben RorrRs 99,9994.4 kWh200 km2 hours100 kmph
PURE EV eTryst 350Rs 1,54,9993.5 kWh140 km6 hours85 kmph
Matter AeraRs 1,43,9995 kWh125 km5 hoursN/A
Pure ecoDryftRs 99,9993 kWh85-135 km3 hours75 kmph

  1. 1. Revolt RV400: Priced at Rs 1,29,400, the Revolt RV400 is a versatile electric bike renowned for its impressive performance and eco-friendly design. With a powerful 3.2 kWh battery, it offers a range of 80-150 km on a single charge, perfect for daily commutes or weekend adventures. The bike's quick 4.5-hour charging time ensures minimal downtime, while its top speed of 80 kmph delivers an exhilarating riding experience.

  2. 2. Joy e-Bike Monster: The Joy e-Bike Monster, priced at Rs 1,02,249, is a reliable companion for urban commuters seeking efficiency and affordability. Equipped with a 30 Ah battery, it provides a range of 75 km on a single charge, ideal for navigating city streets with ease. While its top speed of 25 kmph may not match that of other models, its practicality and budget-friendly price make it a popular choice among eco-conscious riders.

  3. 3. Tork Kratos R: Priced at Rs 1,92,499, the Tork Kratos R is a high-performance electric bike designed for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. Featuring a robust 4 kWh battery, it boasts an impressive range of 180 km on a single charge, allowing riders to explore new horizons without worrying about range anxiety. With a top speed of 105 kmph and a charging time of 4-5 hours, the Kratos R offers an exhilarating ride coupled with convenience and reliability.

  4. 4. Komaki Ranger 2023: The Komaki Ranger 2023, priced at Rs 1,85,000, is a versatile electric bike tailored for long-distance travel and off-road exploration. Powered by a sturdy 4.5 kWh battery, it delivers an exceptional range of 220 km on a single charge, making it the ideal companion for epic adventures. Despite its extended charging time of 5-6 hours, the Ranger's impressive performance and durability justify its investment for avid explorers.

  5. 5 Cyborg Bob: With a price tag of Rs 1,14,999, the Cyborg Bob is a sleek and stylish electric bike designed for urban commuters seeking speed and agility. Powered by a nimble 2.88 kWh battery, it offers a range of 110 km on a single charge, ensuring hassle-free travel through congested city streets. Boasting a top speed of 85 kmph and a quick charging time of 4-5 hours, the Cyborg Bob strikes the perfect balance between performance and practicality.

  6. Sure, let's continue: 6. Odysse Evoqis: Priced at Rs 1,66,250, the Odysse Evoqis stands out as a premium electric bike option, combining style with substance. Its 4.32 kWh battery delivers a respectable range of 140 km on a single charge, making it suitable for both urban commuting and longer rides. While its charging time of 6 hours may be slightly longer, the Evoqis compensates with its comfortable cruising speed of 80 kmph, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. 7 Oben Rorr : The Oben Rorr, available at Rs 99,999, is a true powerhouse among electric bikes, offering both speed and endurance. With its impressive 4.4 kWh battery capacity, it boasts a remarkable range of 200 km on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for both city commutes and longer journeys. Moreover, its quick 2-hour charging time ensures minimal downtime, while its top speed of 100 kmph provides an exhilarating ride for adrenaline enthusiasts. 8 PURE EV eTryst 350: Priced at Rs 1,54,999, the PURE EV eTryst 350 combines performance with sustainability, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious riders. Equipped with a 3.5 kWh battery, it offers a commendable range of 140 km on a single charge, perfect for daily commuting and weekend getaways. While its charging time of 6 hours may require some patience, the eTryst 350 compensates with its impressive top speed of 85 kmph, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable ride every time. 9 Matter Aera: With a price tag of Rs 1,43,999, the Matter Aera stands out as a reliable and efficient electric bike option for urban commuters. Its 5 kWh battery capacity provides a decent range of 125 km on a single charge, making it suitable for everyday use. While its charging time of 5 hours may be slightly longer, the Aera offers a comfortable cruising speed and smooth handling, making it a practical choice for navigating city streets with ease. 10 Pure ecoDryft: Priced at Rs 99,999, the Pure ecoDryft is an affordable yet efficient electric bike option for budget-conscious riders. With its 3 kWh battery capacity, it offers a range of 85-135 km on a single charge, making it suitable for short commutes and daily errands. Moreover, its quick 3-hour charging time ensures minimal downtime, while its top speed of 75 kmph provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for riders of all skill levels.


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