Fastest Electric Bikes in India

The electric bike market in India has been growing a very faster space. You make find new launch if e-bike almost every month. After all electric bikes are far cheaper when it comes to the per kilometer cost of running. The question is "Are electric bikes are faster too?". Let's find out the answer in this blog.

Please note that the speed of electric bikes depends on many factors. Some of the main factors that affect the speed of the e-bikes are-

Motor power- The motor with higher kilowatt power is expected to give you more speed.

Battery power - A higher kilowatt battery boosts the motor more. Hence It will give you better speed.

Weight of bike- It is common sense. A lighter bike is the faster bike. Provided the motor power is also high.

Air Pressure- Any bike will be more after if the air pressure is high.

Load on the bike- The effect of this factor is similar to the effect of the weight of the bike. If there is more load the speed is expected to be low. Or at least the bike will take a comparatively longer time to reach top speed.

Some other external factors always affect the performance of any bike. These are wind speed, road conditions, driving technique & terrain. 

Fastest Electric Bikes in India

There are more then 30 automobile companies in India. They have flooded the market with more than 40 electric bikes. For consumers of bikes, Speed is still the best deciding factor. Let's find out which electric bike has the best speed in India.

1. Ultraviolette F77- Top Speed 150 KM per Hour

 The booking for Ultraviolette F77 has started but this bike is yet to see the delivery India (by the time the blog was written). It is certainly one of the most stylish electric bikes in the market. It has a superbike-like styling & has the most powerful motor as well.

It has 4.5 KW battery that can give you the max speed of 147 km per hour. Apart from being the fastest electric bike, it is one of the bikes with long range bikes in India as well as it can go up to 150 km in a single charge.

2. Kabrira KM 4000 - Top speed 120 KM per hour

Kabira mobility was one of the first electric two-wheeler entrants in the Indian market. It launched two electric bikes together named KM 4000 & KM 3000.

One of the main features of each of these electric bike is speed. 

KM 4000 is claimed to run at the max speed of 120 KM per hour. Hence it is superior to any of its counterparts in terms of speed. 

3.. Kabira KM 3000 - Top speed 100 KM per hour

KM 3000 is a younger sibling of KM 4000 in terms of specifications. KM 3000 is expected to run at a top speed of 100 KM per hour. This is still good for an electric two-wheeler in India.

Another good part of KM3000 it the quick charge feature. Its battery can be 80% recharged in only 50 minutes.

4. Revolt RV 400 - Top Speed 85 KM per hour

Revolt RV 400 can be considered as the most stylish electric bike in India due to its aggressive race-bike design. Have a look at the image that signifies the styling effort. 

However, the specifications in terms of speed and mileage are also impressive. It has a max speed of 85 KM per hour. It can also run up to 150 km in full recharge, 

5. Uben Bike  - Top Speed 100 Km per hour 

Uben EV is yet to be start booking but the specifications have been revealed for this Yet ot be named electric bike.

The dynamically well designed bike has top speed of 100 km per hour. It can be fully recharged in 2 hours & has range on 200. That looks interesting.

They are about to start bookings.